While the current global situation has changed the world in ways we would have never imagined – we’re glad to see the beginnings of event openings and regional programs starting again.  We’ve taken the last two years as a time to regroup, determine our surroundings and appreciate new ways to re-enter our car community in a significant way.

With an all-new management and advisory team ready to roll ahead in 2023, we’ve formed Georgia’s Concours d’Elegance — to build upon the Atlanta community’s enthusiasm for motoring events — beginning with plans for a completely new showcase to be held during the 2023 Concours season. Vehicles to be displayed and judged will range from European and domestic models dating as far back as the late 1800’s to today’s modern-day luxury and exotics, along with several niche categories and classes based on trends and provenance.

And most important, we’ll be taking a step back to provide the nostalgia and history of the automobile, while moving forward into a state-of-the-art location that will blend community with ties for the future.

Location and Date

To be announced in mid-2022

(pending safety/health guidelines)
Slated for Spring 2023, with exact dates to be announced by mid-to-late 2022 in keeping with all safety and health guidelines for the Atlanta area. Georgia’s Concours d’Elegance will be blending southern charm with a communal atmosphere to unite the diverse enthusiasm of car aficionados nationwide through the emotion and nostalgia that touches everyone’s life in some way.

Our Show


Join us when we reconvene in 2023

While circumstances for our initial planning have been compromised by current events, it’s never too early to plan for our 2023 show. Georgia’s Concours d’Elegance will be the premier automotive event! Experience this competition of elegance. Our guests will enjoy an amazing collection of pristine automobiles that are beautiful and meticulously restored to mint condition. Make this a yearly tradition to be enjoyed and shared.

Chairman's Corner

March 2022

While the past two years have provided a large degree of uncertainty throughout the world – it’s the bonds of community that continue to hold us tight.  Here in Atlanta, we’re not just about Southern charm — we’ve built a culture of inclusivity which includes annual events that create deep-rooted bonds and camaraderie.  For me, that inclusive culture has always been about the automobile.

Collectively, I think we all are yearning for the car days of yore … not just in-person ‘car chats’, but the ability to go out and drive, walk through a ‘cars and coffee event, and most importantly, share in our love of everything automotive.

Well, there’s good news for the Atlanta area, because we’re on that! And the groundwork is being laid as you read this to set the stage for something big — right here!!

An entirely new group of leaders have moved forward to create an all-new Georgia’s Concours d’Elegance, slated for Spring 2023 when we hope that safety and health guidelines will allow us to gather together –

And until that time, our plan is to keep you inspired, bring you an insider’s view of the car culture and instill the camaraderie that every aspect of the automobile provides – whether through provenance and history, or the appeal of an exotic find. And of course, to maintain and share the connections we all hold so dear – by bringing you inside a hidden gem of a car collection or getting to know the rare but wonderful artisans that bring these beautiful machines to life.

Here’s to building a new car haven together, staying safe and healthy, and looking forward to all that’s ahead!

Aaron Spaulding
Chairman, Georgia’s Concours d’Elegance

Concours 101

CON·COURS | kawn-koor

noun: concours d’élégance – an exhibition or contest of vintage or classic motor vehicles in which prizes are awarded for those in the best original condition.

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